Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Droid You Should Be Looking For

I was going to write about the remarkable and touching story of R2-KT, a droid now included in Star Wars lore who in this time and in this galaxy is doing a great deal of good for many children.

Katie's older sister, Allie, came up with
 the name and the color scheme.
From R2KT.com.
When Katie met KT. From R2KT.com.
The thing is, Jamie Frevele already told the story very well over at The Mary Sue, and - any time I can direct you to that site - I'd just as soon do that.
Still, I'll give you the nutshell version: In 2004, a little girl named Katie Johnson was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Katie and her family were big Star Wars fans and Katie's dad came up with an idea for a real-life R2 droid who would watch over Katie while she slept. He puts the idea out to the world of Star Wars fandom, and R2-KT is born. Sadly, Katie Johnson is no longer with us, but the little pink droid travels around in her memory, lifting the spirits of sick children and raising awareness about childhood cancer.
Tell me this doesn't totally make your day. I dare you.
From R2KT.com.

R2-KT's history and adventures are chronicled over at R2KT.com. Go take a look today or any day that you need a reminder that the world is a pretty great place - often as a result of geeks with big hearts.

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